Monday, December 04, 2006

The Final

'07, bring me eleven, a heaven, to ascend those angels...will be wise...

at midnight, at first sight, let go of that fight, say fuckin' goodnight!

all this messin' round, nothing gettin' done, time to act fast, this one surely will last...

brother and sisters, fighters and lovers, warriors and soldiers, as we all get older...

...let that past sleep, and sleep it hard...

get your pull friends, see you next year.

- adam

Friday, October 20, 2006

Runts The Size Of Demons!

yes, children...

for the next half-semester, and the following full spring-semester, i am responsible for 24 little children in a "classroom setting".

last night, i went to my room and started prepping it for these little spawns of satan, ready for them to destroy everything in their path, hell, isn't that rock and roll anyway!?!?

for a split second there, i got the drift of what it was like being a full-time teacher, the pre-enrollment, meeting the parents, etc. i must say, i enjoyed it quite a bit!

i'm up for the challenge, plus i get to work with two old friends, sean wilson(drums) and kasey walkingstick(key's), so it should be fun regardless.

(i'll get the flyer up here in the next week if some of you are interested!)

"no matter how cold the winter, there's a spring time ahead..." - eddie vedder

- adam

p.s. i will always love you baby, always.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Square One, My Slate is Clear

i guess in terms of order, you can't really ever put the thumb right on what you think you have control of. (it's an animal that can't sit still)

blurry year...

i know that i cared, and i know i gave it my all, but why looking back does it seem so sad, so confusing, so fucked up?

there's two sides fighting for the title weight in this head, and it's split right down the middle. there's the first boxer, sweet and in love.(0-2) then, there is the opposing boxer, downright fucked up and always has that crazy look in his eye.(2-0)

resolve, eh?

always believe your worth more than the piece of shit that is treating you like trash, they aren't worth a second more of your time or life, that's my resolve.

status you want?

well, i do know that my blood seems to be running through the old veins a lot easier lately. i don't have that pain in the joints anymore when i go run, and i can't recall the last toss 'n' turn night in the old sleeping sack. oh, and i've been happy too, so that's a plus.

i think you can go running and have a goal to do three or four miles that day, but somehow and in some way, you can easily run yourself in to an endless circle with no goal, no stop watch to know where the fuck your at.

...then you just go home and go to bed with a stiff knee and a horrid sock odor.

- adam