Friday, October 20, 2006

Runts The Size Of Demons!

yes, children...

for the next half-semester, and the following full spring-semester, i am responsible for 24 little children in a "classroom setting".

last night, i went to my room and started prepping it for these little spawns of satan, ready for them to destroy everything in their path, hell, isn't that rock and roll anyway!?!?

for a split second there, i got the drift of what it was like being a full-time teacher, the pre-enrollment, meeting the parents, etc. i must say, i enjoyed it quite a bit!

i'm up for the challenge, plus i get to work with two old friends, sean wilson(drums) and kasey walkingstick(key's), so it should be fun regardless.

(i'll get the flyer up here in the next week if some of you are interested!)

"no matter how cold the winter, there's a spring time ahead..." - eddie vedder

- adam

p.s. i will always love you baby, always.


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